Various Aspects Of Hiring Wedding DJ’s & Live Bands

Before hiring wedding DJ’s or live bands, there are some important things to know that will help you make a good choice for a memorable day.

Ask around and get useful information

Many people that you know (friends, co-workers etc.) surely have been in the situation to hire a DJ for a wedding or other events. Talk to people about what you are looking for, get recommendations, make a list with several DJ’s and start checking on them. You need to hire a person who is committed full-time to this job, an experienced and versatile performer, able to entertain a number of people, for several hours, and who possess the right equipment. There are many music fans out there who practice being DJ’s occasionally, just for fun; some of them may be good, but as a general rule you should avoid spending time on them and look for a real specialist.

Contact several DJ’s and discuss details

One of the most important things to know is the DJ’s flexibility and willingness to listen. The last thing you want is paying for someone who will play his/ her favorite music, ignoring your preferences and ultimately your vision for your special day. This would be unacceptable because it may destroy the atmosphere rather than create it. Make lists with the kind of music and the songs that you want to be played as well as lists with what you do not want to hear and be very clear about them when you discuss with the DJ. And do not forget about the way you expect your DJ to handle song requests from the guests and how much should he insist on entertaining the guests.

Before hiring someone, ask the DJ’s on your list to provide samples of their work (recordings from other events where they entertained the audience). There is no better way to test a DJ’s abilities than seeing him/ her perform.

Other important details to discuss before hiring wedding DJ’s include:

  • The equipment

The equipment must be adequate for the wedding location and the DJ has to be able to provide solutions in case of unforeseen situations (the equipment stops functioning in the middle of the event, there is a power break etc.)

  • Lightings, video screens etc.
  • The cost

What to expect from a professional DJ?

There are many advantages of hiring wedding DJs or Colorado wedding live bands. They can be great assets to your reception considering that they can play various music non-stop, for as long as they are required to. Unlike live bands that typically sing their own versions of the songs, a DJ plays the original songs. The volume control is also better with a DJ than with a live band, which is great for setting the proper pace of different moments of the reception. You can have whatever you prefer: a showman who interacts with the audience during the entire reception or a discreet DJ, who plays the music outside the spotlight.

Professional DJs should be able to blend with any wedding style, from classic and elegant to differently themed receptions.