What Information Should I Include on My Custom Business Sign?

The type of information that you can and should include on your custom business signs depends on many factors – here are some.

The Type of Your Sign

Some types of custom signs can only include your business name or your corporate logo – the best examples of these signs are channel lettering and neon signs that mostly consist only of the name of the brand it is used by, maybe a very short, attention-grabbing slogan, added in smaller letters than the name. Most other types of signs, however, allow for adding more information, especially large, two-dimensional signs, such as billboards or LED display signs.

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The Information to Be Added

Ideally, your signs should include all the important details related to finding your business or your brand as well as content added to serve advertising purposes. According to sign company Denver business professionals, here are some important categories of information to use:

  • The logo – many companies underestimate the importance of having a business logo. Don’t be one of them – a logo is a concise graphic element that condenses your company’s identity into a sign and is very important for building your brand’s identity;
  • A slogan – a short and captivating slogan that expresses your brand personality is certainly a very difficult task, but that concise piece of text will help the people who see your signs remember your business;
  • Company details – your company’s name, your business address, phone number and website URL are also very important and should be added to your signs;
  • A QR code – the black and white squares that can be scanned with the help of mobile phone apps can be used to take your interested customers to your company website or to your company’s online profile where they can find more information about your products and services and where they can contact you easily;
  • Call to action – tell passers-by what to do after they see your sign to make the most of your products or services. Invite and encourage them to call your business, to visit your shop, to enter a promo code to get a discount, to follow an internet link to get a gift. Be polite and firm with your invitation and also make sure that your message is clear.

If your sign will be used indoors, in your shop, that is, in an environment where your customers have already found you, you can use your signs to inform your customers about ongoing or planned promotions and discounts, but your logo and your company details are important with these signs as well.

How to Formulate Your Information

Business signs need to be kept informative, but you should not use too many words. Ideally, you should not use more than 15 words, broken into 3 lines. You can use italics and bold versions of the major font on your sign, but you should not use more than two types of fonts. You can, however, play with font size, using larger fonts for the information that is very important and smaller typeface for the information that takes secondary importance.