Aspects to Consider when Hiring Denver Wedding DJ’s – How to Look for a DJ

The DJs for hire in Denver can make or break your party, so it is absolutely essential to hire the DJ who has the suitable amount of experience, the right personality, a vast inventory of different music styles and professional equipment to play your favorite tunes in the best quality. Fortunately, there are lots of wedding DJ’s who fit the bill, so here are a few tips to find yours.


Figure Out Your Requirements First


To be able to evaluate wedding DJ’s, you first of all need to know exactly what you want. The venue of your wedding reception, the amount of time you want your DJ to play, the number of your guests and the dominant age groups are all important aspects – large crowds and different locations require, a different approach from your DJ than intimate weddings with only your closest friends and young people will dance to different tunes than middle aged people or the older generation. The tunes to be played should also match the general style of the wedding, so make sure you tell your prospective DJ about the wedding theme as well. You should also figure out how much you can afford to pay your DJ – be prepared that different professionals may practice very different prices.


Where to Start Looking for the Right DJ


Bridal shows, word of mouth referrals from friends, colleagues or family members who have already used a wedding DJ are all excellent sources of information and so is the internet. Compile your own list with possible candidates – if you use an internet query straight ahead, check the website of each DJ you find, but don’t forget to do the same if you use recommendations from friends or other sources. DJ websites will provide lots of useful information about the artists, including video materials of previous shows and events they have played at as well as specialization – a very important detail because not all DJ’s play at weddings, too.


Personal Contact


Contact the DJs you find suitable. If you have found a DJ company that works with more than one artist ask to be directed to the DJ who will play at your wedding – the owner of the company might be an experienced professional, but you need to be sure that your DJ is a pro as well. During the personal meeting, make sure you tell your DJ about what you want and ask about the following things:


  • The equipment they are going to use,
  • The computer and the back-up they are going to use,
  • The music styles they recommend,
  • Additional services such as hosting, lighting and laser shows,
  • Pricing policy including the amount you are supposed to pay as a deposit.


If you think you have found the right DJ for your wedding, make sure you record all the terms and conditions of your collaboration in a contract – if the DJ refuses to sign an agreement for the services to be provided, consider it a red flag and look for a different artist.